Building Design & Drafting

Our services:

  • Plans and permits for residential extensions, renovations and new homes. 

  • Plans and permits for fences, pergolas, carports, garages, etc

  • Plans and permits for multi-unit development

  • Experienced with period homes and heritage overlays

  • Environmentally responsible designs including to PassiveHaus standard

  • Experienced with complicated town planning applications

Homes that work, by design. 

Your home can be a beautiful and uplifting sanctuary for you and your family. It can be respectful of the neighbourhood character, and can cater to your future needs. 
Your home can be healthy, comfortable year round, highly energy efficient, built to last for generations and be economically attractive.

At Homeworks Design, we believe in the better way. 
Our ambition is to make a positive mark on our environment and society - one house and client at a time. 

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Kind Words

"The plans look great. The lift, once installed, will look like it has always been a part of the original build. Well done."  -  Faye & Geoff, 2022

"Thank you for your very sensible and helpful approach!"  -  Fiona, 2022

"Thanks again for all your efforts and assistance through the project. Two very happy clients here" - Adrian, 2023

"Suffice to say the installation of the lift, which is accordance with your plans, will be totally integrated. It will not look like an add on. Your design and placement of the lift is great. (The Builder) is doing really well as you have already stated. Thank you for overseeing it is much appreciated. Well done!"  -  Faye & Geoff, 2023

Tread Intentionally

You only get one chance to get your building fabric right.

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Our Services

Designs and drawings for all renovations, extensions, new builds.  

PassiveHouse certified design consulting.

About us

It takes a lot of trust to let someone design your home. 

You deserve to know why we do what we do, what we value, and most importantly, what we believe in.