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Our Experience

     We have extensive experience working with period homes, heritage overlays and challenging sites. Consequently, we are experienced with complicated town planning applications including VCAT hearings. The majority of our work has been on beautiful and uplifting period home extensions and renovations throughout Melbourne. As time has gone on, and our awareness of health and climate impacts of traditional building methods has grown, we have become increasingly interested in finding better and more sustainable ways to build and renovate.

We believe in a better way. 

     Our homes should be comfortable & healthy, require very little energy to operate, be low maintenance, and of reasonable build cost. They should be built to last for generations, and be a sanctuary for us and our families for decades to come. These are basic human needs, and very reasonable expectations for all housing occupants.

     We have one planet, our children will inherit it, and we want to do our very best to leave them a world worth living for. 

     We truly look forward to hearing from you about your vision for your home. 

Tread Intentionally

You only get one chance to get your building fabric right.

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Meet the team

John Hoggart

Principle Building Designer
Registered Building Practitioner
Over 30 years experience in Victoria

Dean Hoggart

Building Designer
Passive House Designer

Tread Intentionally

You only get one chance to get the building fabric right.

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